A Cold Day Outside. Blazers. Skirts. Fun.

i just realized this is going to be my first look on this blog! i had some before, but if you know me, i delete posts fast. I intend to keep this one up for the longest time possible ;) promise. anyways, i was just outside the other day, and it was really cold. so i took a long long walk out to some random neighborhood that had cool trees and then started to take pics with a fellow blogger friend of mine. and i am really starting to like blazers and skirts. i was wearing a lot of black, wow!

anyways, just an update-- there will be a change of setting and whatnot because i am moving! yayay! so, just wanted to put that out there.. anything else? hm... i haven't done a haul in such a long time i have to find the right time and go shopping! 
one more thing! i am going to start a new e-boutique selling vintage clothing + other vintage finds soon so once it's up, i would 100000% appreciate it if you guys would take a look+ maybe purchase a couple things! they are all brands that you would recognize, so don't worry, i am not going to have you buy something you've never heard of before!
alright, i should stop talking and just let you guys see the following pictures. enjoy!

My Wishlist- #3

here is wishlist #3!  nothing else to say! let's cut to the chase-- xJJ
ps. new addition- if i do end up purchasing these items, i'll do a 2-3-4-5 minute review on my youtube channel and maybe even do a post! so, look out for that ;)

all of the items.

The things I want: benefit the porefessional, clean and clear night relaxing all-in-one cleansing wipes, bath and body works sweet shop candles, nyx shocking pink lippie, nespresso lattissima machine

February Favorites 2014!

wow, mentally and physically it has been such a short month. it has gone by way to fast for me. how about you guys? i am sorry i haven't posted anything for a while, but here i am! i might post more this week because i got my school work done in advance so i have more time to do others things. yay! i love time. you don't get much of it, do you? it is there for a split second, and the next one, before you know it, it's gone. vanished.

well, enough with that rambling. i'm just going to hope into what i have been loving this month! <3
ps. there was a smaller inventory this month-- a much smaller one... after all, there is so little time to experiment in such a short period of time..


 Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Herbal Tea: Like i have probably mentioned over a million and 22 times, this tea is the bomb; it's my favorite in terms of the ones that you make at home. it was a holiday tea, and was sold out immediately after they were over, and i literally went frantically looking for it throughout the whole city. but then a miracle happened. my mom had gone to whole foods to pick up groceries, and came across this one and knew i wanted it. so we, well 'i' restocked BIG time. so happy!

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter- this was the best find ever. again, my mom found it. she is my savior. this is the most delicious spread i have tasted this year/last year. it almost has this gingerbread taste to it, reminding me a little of the holidays. it even says on the jar's description: a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits. pick one up at your local trader joe's and be amazed.

My Wishlist- #2

as i promised hopefully once per week, here is my wishlist #2! i should have my third one on by this wkend. i hope you enjoy this one! there were less this week because i couldn't fit all of them into one collage, sorry! :( i kind of ramble a lot in the beginning, but let's just cut to the list--

ps. wow.. i realized how bratty "my wishlist" sounds. if you want a good explanation, i love sharing these ideas with you guys so you can get ideas to treat yourself ;) is that good? sorry, i hadn't explained before..

and finally.
The things I want: silver hunter wellies, naked palette 3, celestial seasonings chai tea in honey vanilla, pink by victoria's secret pink jersey pullover, lululemon sports bras. Keep on reading for further information.

Starbucks Drink Review #2- Cool Lime Starbucks Refresher

i have a new accomplishment to share with you. i finally tried all the starbucks refreshers, yay! i love the first two: very berry hibiscus and valencia orange. they were so delicious. but, there was a third one that i never tried until yesterday.. yep. the cool lime. this did NOT sound good at all whatsoever so i just skipped it until i decided i wanted to give it a try.. so i ordered a tall. 

 Tall Cool Lime- Reviews: not so good. I didn't really like the taste of it. It almost tasted a little bit like cold water and lime juice in it. and they overfilled it with ice as usual. soo annoying. next time, i'm asking for half the ice so i can get more of the juice-- but i guess it was good in this case!

Favorite Part about Starbucks: One of my favorite parts about starbucks besides the actual drink is when they ask you for your name. oh yeahhh. i love making my name up. most of the time it's samantha. don't ask. tradition. so, comment below what you tell the barista your name is-- do you use your real name or a fake one? 

So, overall review on this drink: 2/10

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

valentine's day is just around the corner! and guess who's excited! me<< for all the candy, flowers, fun, and chocolate! but if you want to go a little bit more out for that certain somebody, keep on reading for more tips on what to get what us gals love. let's just hop right into it!

and before i forget to mention, my youtube channel is definitely a work in progress, so if the lighting, editing, and channel is not good, give it a couple of weeks; i still need to order studio lights and get a better video editor. thanks for your understanding! xJJ

all ideas in this collage-- 
All of the items- All of these items include- technology, fashion, makeup, beauty, and candles! i hope you find these fun and helpful, so.. just keep on reading for more information!

Nail Polish:

all essie valentine's themed nail polishes.
 Essie Valentine's Themed Polishes- These are beautiful shades of red and pink! also known as perfect little small starter gifts for your loved ones. although, some of the names here are risqué, the shades are impeccable. the result on the actual nail presents itself beautifully. she will love them. take my word.

Price Point: definitely affordable for most- 8.50 each

Technology- FujiFilm Instax 
 Fujifilm Intax- Wow. how perfect. a pink camera! goes so well with the holiday-- i apologize for the bad picture quality :( but anyhow, this is really neat-- you snap a picture and about 10 seconds later, a printed picture comes out which you shake for color to come in. your loved one will love it. i mean, who doesn't love a pink camera with printed photos that come out instantly? insta.. instax!

Price Point- getting higher. around 100? might be able to find cheaper ones on amazon though.

Starbucks Drink Review #1- Cinammon Dolce Latte

hey guys, i'm starting a new starbucks series of my favorite/least favorite drinks from there every week or so..anyways, i had a really really good winter drink this afternoon. it was the cinnamon dolce latte. yum. it has this kick of ginger and spice at the top in the whipped cream. very unhealthy yes, but if you get just a tiny hint of it here and there, no biggie! i'm just not exactly recommending a venti of this twice a week, or more, for that matter! and decaf is the best. won't keep you awake at night!

hope you enjoyed my latte review. till next time. xJJ

ps. i will get the inside next time. so sorry, what was i thinking?

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